Residency Visa processing in the United Arab Emirates

Obtaining a visa to live, visit or work in the UAE is necessary depending on the period you would like to stay.

Residents and citizens of certain countries (most European countries) will not require a visa for a visit of up to 30 days, which may be extended to 90 days in certain circumstances and with the approval of the government entities in the UAE. UK citizens can apply for a multiple entry visa of up to 10 years duration.

More information can be found in the website of UAE Ministry of Interiors.

All visitors must follow several other regulations. That includes: holding a passport which has validity of minimum of 3 months, should have a valid return ticket to the home country, ac-commodation details in UAE, those who want to stay in the country for longer period will need a passport which has 6 months left to run.

We suggest you to obtain the UAE investors visa by creating your own company in UAE or by investing in Real Estate.

Type of Visas

  • Investor / Partner Visas
    Is applicable only for those who has a company in the United Arab Emirates. This particular visa can be issued under business licenses such as Free Zone (FZE, FZ-LLC, FZB, Local Branch (LB), Limited Liability Company (LLC), Individual Establishment (IE) and many more. But excluding OFFSHORE companies.
  • Employment Visa
    It needs to be obtained through a company where he/she will be hired/sponsored.
  • Family Visas
    For living and working in UAE - it needs to be obtained through a sponsor in the country.
  • A tourist visa
    This type of visa cannot be renewed and allows the visitor to remain in the country for a period of 30 days. A hotel or travel company is able to sponsor the visitor on this type of visa and make the application on their behalf.
  • Visit Visa
    This is mainly for those who are visiting family or who are on business for more than two weeks. Visitors must be sponsored either by a company or by a family member. If the sponsor is an expatriate then a hefty deposit must be paid if the visitor is not an immediate family member. This deposit is refundable. This visa is only valid for a period of two months from the date it is is-sued. This type of visa can be renewed to take the total period of stay to 90 days. can apply for the multiple entry visas when they first arrive in UAE. An additional fee is payable for the extension. The travel details must include in-formation on the return flight home.

Note that visa time frames are estimated and subject to approval of immigration of UAE.

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